Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #17 & #18

My word counts are pretty decent considering I got married and all… Yep, I’m on a bridal/ post-wedding high right now, and I don’t care who knows it. I took a blog hiatus last week, so this ‘Word Count Weekly’ is a double whammy.

Sunday 6th final tally: 3568 Words

Sunday 13th final tally: 2116 Words

 I thought I’d be run ragged, and have little time for my W.I.P, but it actually proved a welcome distraction when the wedding planning stress was at a high. I could disappear into Teddie Leason’s life and re-emerge in my own in a much calmer,amiable state. Writing is amazing, is it not?

giphy (53).gifThat being said, I was steamrolling on with the narrative, but felt a little lost. I was struggling with too many info dumps because I was trying to explain the narrative to myself. I went through this same phase whilst writing EVO Nation, and I know there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I do not edit on a first draft, it would be my downfall, so I shall power on and sort the info dumps during editing once my draft is complete.

Last week’s excerpt: 

The wardrobe door is ajar, bursting with clothes and shoes. I pick up my fox slippers and drop them just as quickly. None of this seems real. None of this seems connected to me. I thought those slippers were the coolest thing since sliced bread, now they’re insignificant. Who gives a shit about fox slippers when the world is falling apart?

I shut the door and jump at the sight of Adam standing behind it. “It feels like I’ve stepped into someone else’s life,” I admit, sliding my arms around his waist.

This week’s excerpt:

“I love you,” I say straight into his mind. It doesn’t even feel like telepathy, more like we are one mind. We both soar from the bed, our entwined bodies suspended in an orb of electrokinetic and telekinetic energy. Only, the telekinesis is not my own, I’m not in control. I am linked, but separate at the same time. The bed and the rest of the furniture follow us, hovering below, and shaking violently.


All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman



5 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #17 & #18”

  1. Those are great word counts everything considered, and I think you should pat yourself on the back for getting any writing done these past two weeks! AND Christmas is just around the bend as well!
    Loved the excerpts. Do you have a potential release date/month in mind yet? 🙂


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