Winter Wedding

It’s official! I’m a married woman… eek. I still can’t get my head around that! On Friday at 5pm, we had an evening ceremony at our local registry office with just our parents, grandparents, our ring bearer, and our daughter as a bridesmaid. We decided against a formal reception, and opted for an evening reception with all our friends and family. We kept it simple with a buffet, DJ, and of course, karaoke.

We were lucky to have friends and family flock around us to help prepare everything from the venue decorations to the food. It was a team effort, and I am eternally grateful to all the special people in my life. They made our day what it was. And I am forever grateful to my family members who arrived at the venue with the food and rescued the decorations.  They performed miracles in just one hour after realising all the helium balloons had deflated.

Now for the important part… the pictures. We have to wait a week or so for our professional photos, but here are some taken by guests:


Okay, okay… seeing as you twisted my arm, I will give you a peek at some hen run shenanigans. Judge away… judge away.

Now, it’s time for me to get on with married life… and back to writing EVO Shift!


The photos featured in this post are the property of K.J.Chapman.


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