Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #15

I’m on fire at the moment. It’s nice to be able to report a whopper of a word count this week.

10,012 Words

I know, right? Is this the same girl who moans about her low word counts the majority of the time? Yep, it’s me… I kicked my W.I.P’s ass!giphy (17)

I estimate that I have another 30,000 words to finish the first draft of EVO Shift, and if I carry on in the same way as this week I’ll be done in three weeks. But… I’m a realist, and I can hand on heart say that that will not be happening. Double those three weeks and we’re in business.

Excerpt from this week’s W.I.P:

He leans in closer, lowering his voice to barely a whisper. “You know you’ve got me, right?” He looks around, making sure he can’t be over heard. Woe betides anyone thinks he has a heart and not a swinging brick. “We’re solid you and me. I’ve been thinking about what you said back at the fight house… I feel protective over you. You’re like my little sister.”


Excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

GIF sourced from GIPHY.com

10 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #15”

      1. If I finish my first draft by New Years I’ll be a happy bunny, but if I don’t I won’t beat myself up over it. I’m just going from the time frame of book one in regards to where I am now.

        I can see an ending forming in my mind now and that is a good sign for me. All the loose ends seem to be tying up nicely 🙂

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