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That Nagging Second Series

I know I’m not the only writer to have a nagging second series gnawing away at the back of my mind. If my experience is anything to go by, you may have more than one.

Are you a writer who acts on these nagging stories and starts to work on it alongside your current work in progress, or do you leave it, think logically, and complete your current work in progress before tackling another project?

I’m the former. If an idea for another series forms in my brain it is there to stay, screaming at me to give it even just a little attention.

Me: ‘But I have to concentrate on finishing this project first.’

Idea: ‘Stop making excuses and get on it woman. You can do both, I have faith in you.’

*Starts jotting notes for the new series*

Me: ‘Wow, balancing two projects is pretty hard going…’

Idea: giphy (16)

Yet, I still continue to do it. What can I say? I like to make life hard for myself, and I love a new idea as much as the next writer.

This is my current problem at the moment because if I get in a rut writing EVO Shift I use my new idea as a distraction. In some ways, it gives me a break to recharge and go back to EVO Shift with a fresh perspective. In most ways, it’s a way to bury my head in the sand.

I doubt I’ll ever change, seeing as the lure of an exciting idea is my life force and I’m addicted to that high. Are you a multi-tasking writer? And more importantly, do you do it well?


7 thoughts on “That Nagging Second Series”

  1. I have been ignoring the whisperings of the characters from the “other book” for two years now. And, as you say, they always surface when I hit a tricky spot in my current WIP and would just love to abandon to start something else (because, let’s face it, writing the beginning of something is much easier than slogging through the middle).
    I have a foolish hope that by the time I finally give in and write the other book it will have be a fully-formed thing which I can just jot down (hahahahaahha!). 🙂

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  2. I am very similar to you. Whilst working on a story that I wish to complete, I always find other ideas floating around. I worry that by the time I get to it the ideas would have diluted. I multi task a lot, having three or four ideas in the back ground that I dip into when the main story needs some thought. Putting it out of the picture helps me and reenergises interest into it!
    Some believe that hinders whilst others think it helps. To me, it is about creating and when the urge is there it should never be ignored, or we could be denying ourselves of a glorious opportunity. 🙂 Think I went on a bit of a ramble then … Good past as always 😉

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    1. I also worry about forgetting ideas etc if I don’t write them down straight away. Not noting down the spark that interested me in the first place would be torture.

      It can become a hindrance for me because I become absorbed by that project, especially if I’m trying to work through a tough part of my current W.I.P.

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      1. Can be quite difficult to chose which one should take priority. I’m currently working on one project but recently I had a brainwave for another one which I think should be done first but still eager to complete the original. Can be hard to juggle as you explained with being too absorbed!

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  3. I am a multi-tasked writer, not only balancing many stories, but many mediums. I have three scripts going at the moment alongside three novels that I keep dancing between ;P unfortunately, with my divided attention, it doesn’t allow for much to get done on one so I’ve recently made the decision to stick with one of each and get them done. It won’t stop me from jotting down ideas that I get – I have a great binder dedicated to story ideas and another to film/tv series. But my WIP deserves my best, and that means giving it my full attention 🙂

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    1. Wow, that really is multi-tasking on many levels. I bet it’s great for creativity though.

      I have decided to merely jot the odd note as they pop into my head rather than go into in depth writing. I need to force myself to stick with my current W.I.P and slog it out 🙂

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