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I Can, In Theory, Kick Your Ass…

I was giggling with my friend yesterday about how I sent her a message to declare that I could, in theory, kick her ass. Yep, if you are friends with me, I feel for you. No, I wasn’t threatening her, merely stating a point after my intense research session of boxing tips, tricks, and low blows.

I needed the research for a chapter in which my MC is being handed her ass by her cage fighting friend who wants to toughen her up. I’m no expert… or should I say, I wasn’t an expert <you want to dispute it, then bring it>, so I hit Google big style. I can now, theoretically, throw a mean cross jab, block, and basically kick ass.

Ummm, yeah, calm down Kayleigh…

The conversation got me thinking about other things that I can theoretically do since researching information for the EVO Nation Series. I compiled a list for my own amusement:

  • Boxing
  • Waterboarding… and too many torture methods to list
  • Electrocution
  • Thumb dislocation and relocation
  • The Dougie… as you do
  • Bullet Wound Emergency Treatment
  • Understand the words ‘clear’ and ‘hurry’ in Italian
  • Blood transfusions in extreme circumstances

My search history is a marvel and a horror to behold. I’m sure there will be many more theoretical talents to add to my list in due course. It’s all part of the fun of writing, right?

Please, feel free to share your new theoretical talents. Don’t make me come down there and kick your ass!

9 thoughts on “I Can, In Theory, Kick Your Ass…”

      1. I remember getting a good telling off for playing on bales of silage. My Dad told me that in the paper the story would say, ‘Stupid girl, who should known better, got squidged my rolling silage bale.’ That vision has always stuck with me haha -country living, eh? πŸ˜‰

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  1. My list for one of the books i’m working in includes Egyptian lesser gods, differance between cats peeing and spraying (please dont laugh its a valid research point.) *Grins. My next research topic is Hypnotic Regression Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Oh yes, i’ve already studied a lot on how bombs can kill people, how to kill people, blood spatter. All normal things most writers study.

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