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The Confessions of a Writer

Claire over at Art and Soul tagged me in this fabulous new tag: The Confession of a Writer Tag. Thank you for thinking of me Claire, and I hope you enjoy my answers.

The Confessions of a Writer Tag was created by Nicolette at A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly. It is a ‘get-to-know’ the writer interview tag, dedicated to spotlighting the creative process, works in progress, and connecting to other writers.

Rules of the Tag:

  • Please link back to A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly’s post, so that the original rules are always accessible to anyone who is curious and wants to participate!
  • Acknowledge the person who tagged you in your post.
  • Tag your friends and fellow writers – it’s up to you how many!

The Questions and My Answers:

1.When did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?

I remember reading Charlotte’s Web as a child, and then having it read to me again during story time at primary school. I loved that book dearly and I believe that was when I decided I wanted to create my own stories and worlds.

2. What genre do you write?

I enjoy reading and writing YA, NA, science fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. That’s not to say I wont write in a different genre, but as of yet, the inspiration hasn’t called to me.

3. Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress? When did you start working on this project?

I’m currently working on book two in the EVO Nation Series, EVO Shift. I started this project in June 2015 after self-publishing book one, EVO Nation. I also have a little non-fiction project I am quietly working on.

4. What was your first piece that you can remember writing? What was it about?

I actually have a piece that I wrote whilst at primary school. It’s a rewrite of Little Red Riding Hood, and instead of a big bad wolf there are human flesh eating dragons called Morice and Norice. My mum kept it all those years and found it last year. We were in tears reading it. T’was a funny read. (I even drew a picture)…

5. What’s the best part about writing?

Creating something from nothing. I love the freedom of the worlds I create. I can fill it with whomever I want, and disappear into it whenever I want.

6. What’s the worst part about writing?

Time constraints. I have a family and they take priority, but you can bet your last quid that I get an idea or spark of inspiration when I have no possible chance at sitting down for five minutes to write it down or get started.

7. What’s the name of your favorite character and why? (This can be from a book by another author or from your own work. Book crushes are perfectly acceptable here as well.)

Jane Eyre. It’s due to her intellect, her independence, and the sheer fact that she knows herself. As a teen, when I first read this book, she resonated with me.

8. How much time a day/week do you get to write? When is the best time for you to write (morning or night)?

It’s hard to say. Can I answer with- as much as I can and whenever I can? Yep, that sounds about right.

9. Did you go to college for writing? Or if you haven’t been to college yet, do you plan to?

I didn’t study writing at college, I studied… wait for it… business studies. When I left college I got a job using my qualifications and I hated it with a passion. The managers were total assholes and I left work crying on more than one occasion. The day I left was the same day I found another job as a health care assistant at a care home. Writing is my passion and I will slog it out until I can make it my full-time career.

10. What bothers you more: spelling errors, punctuation errors, or grammar errors?

They all do, but it’s amazing how blinded we are against our own errors.

11. What is the best writing advice that anyone has given you?

To write the first draft, and then start the editing process.

12What advice would you give to another writer?

If you want to write professionally you must start to build up your web presence ie blogs, social media etc. Start before you’ve even published/self-published your book.

13. What are your favorite writing sites or blogs that you turn to for help, tips or encouragement?

I find other bloggers in similar situations to myself offer the best advice and tips. It’s nice to read something and think, ‘Phew, I’m not the only one.‘ I have too many to mention here, but I’d urge every writer to get in on the blogging community as soon as possible.

14. Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies?

I’m a fan girl, and my interests are Dr Who, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and anything Marvel. I guess I watch a lot of TV/ films.

15. What is the best book you’ve read this year?

The Girl in Between by Laeken Zea Kemp. I posted a review on this book. It is currently FREE on Amazon and well worth a download.

16. What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?

Mad Max was a total trip, but I loved it, and of course… Avengers: Age of Ultron.

17. What is your favorite book or series of all time?

I would say my favourite book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I am a sucker for the Harry Potter Series too.

18. Who is your favorite author?

Wow, how to answer that? I have favourites for different reasons: Stephen King, JK Rowling, Jane Austen, Markus Zusak, John Green, Anita Shreve, Anne Rice, Alice Sebold, Charlotte Bronte, Daphne Du Maurier, Kami Garcia, Marie Lu, Garth Nix.

19. What are your plans for the rest of the year in terms of your writing?

I plan to crack on with EVO Shift, and hopefully finish my side project by Christmas… watch this space.

20. Where else can we find you online?






My Tags: (I won’t be offended if you don’t want to take part :))

I look forward to seeing your answers.

10 thoughts on “The Confessions of a Writer”

  1. Charlotte’s Web is such a wonderful book and all the more remarkable for being many children’s first encounter with death in fiction. When I saw the animated version ago not that long ago I cried!

    You non-fiction project is highly intriguing. I’ll be watching out for more news on that.

    I would have loved to see Avengers AofU at the cinema (so much Marvel *head explodes*) but will just have to wait for the DVD. Will be saving up babysitting credits for X Men: Apocalypse!

    Great answers. I’m so pleased you could do this tag! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for the tag! I would love to share my confessions! And thanks for sharing with us. It’s such a great way to get know each other in the writing community. I don’t want to say too much, because I’ll post mine soon, but a lot of your answers resonate with me and my own passions! I also love your story about Charlotte’s Web. It’s amazing how stories from our youth inspire us still to this day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I definitely want to take part!! When I started reading I was thinking ‘oh look, I haven’t done something like this in a while’ but I see you tagged me so I guess I’d better get on with it! Expect my answers on Tuesday ^^ What a great kick-off to all those personal posts I wanted to do, too!

    Great answers. Age of Ultron was definitely an amazing movie :3 I know this sounds hard to believe but I’ve never read Jane Eyre. On to my reading list it pops!

    Liked by 1 person

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