Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #12

I am pleased to say that I am now well clear of the half way mark on EVO Shift’s first draft. I am most definitely progressing slower on book two than I did on book one, but promoting book one and daily life is consuming most of my writing time of late. But, hey, progress is progress, right?

4012 Words

It’s my lowest word count in a few weeks, but I knew that this week would be a stretch. 4012 words is higher than I was expecting, so I’m happy. And to be able to say that I’m on the home straight to the finish line is motivating.

It’s the first of November and I want to wish all NaNoWriMo participants the best of luck. I can’t make the commitment this year, but I’m happy to be a cheerleader for all who are taking on the challenge. I hope you all hit your target and have fun in the process.

Excerpt from this week’s work in progress:

Plaster falls from the ceiling as feet thunder above us.  The rumble of hundreds of mouths chattering, laughing, and generally having too good a time seeps through to us in cells.  It’s sick considering they have come to witness a murder. Bo paces from one side of the cell to the other, chewing her nails down to the quick. I watch her from my spot on the floor.

“Stop eyeballing me and talk to me, distract me,” she says, wringing her hands together.


6 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #12”

  1. Best wishes. I admire your skill and diligence. I am thinking that the 4000+ words was actually 10,000+ words that you edited down to 4000 in search of the very perfect combination of words and phrases. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I send you lots of warm encouraging thoughts and hope that your muse will find you and very good spirits.

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    1. Thank you. Nope, just 4012 😉 I don’t edit until after my first draft is complete. This week was half term from school, so I didn’t get in as much writing time. Being a Mummy comes first 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words.

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  2. Well done on passing the midpoint!! And well done on getting 4K written – it may not seem like a lot now but it’s still more than others get done due to everyday commitments or simple laziness, so feel good about yourself! As you said, progress is progress 🙂 (and don’t forget you’re in the middle of wedding prep and have a small child to look after, too!)

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  3. Thank you. Yes, wedding prep is upping a gear now we’re at the final countdown! Just 41 days- argh!
    My daughter is back to school tomorrow, so I’m hoping for a higher word count again next week 🙂


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