Goodreads Author… Finally.

I am happy to announce that I am now a verified Goodreads author. EVO Nation (old cover on Goodreads) needed me to claim it… and now Goodreads have verified me.

Find me on Goodreads

Let’s connect:

I’m happy to connect on Goodreads, and would kindly ask any EVO Nation readers and fellow Goodreads users to post a quick review on there for me, and perhaps a cheeky follow for me too. Let me know if you too have an author page you’d like me to follow. I always rate the books I have read on Goodreads.

My Goodreads bio: 

K.J.Chapman is an avid tea drinker, writer, Whovian, book lover, daydreamer, and author of EVO Nation.

Born and raised in Cornwall, England, and with an accent to match, K.J.Chapman is a self-proclaimed fan girl and geek; a lover of everything science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal.

If she is not working on her EVO Nation series, she is blogging on various subjects that peak her interest. Most prominently, she posts musings, tips, advice, and journals of her writing and reading experiences.

K.J.Chapman on writing : ‘It’s what I do, what I enjoy, and what keeps me sane. Did I say writing keeps me sane? Yeah… perhaps it just balances my crazy.’


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