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I Created You, So Do What I say!

Wow, characters can be a stubborn bunch at times, especially, the strong willed, know their own mind types. I have that exact type in my protagonist, Teddie Leason, and she won’t do a thing I say. (Parents will understand the feeling.) I had a rough idea where I would have liked the narrative of EVO Shift to go, and that would have required Teddie to make certain choices, that quite frankly, she was never going to make.

In book two she has numerous choices to make, but her motivations shift. It would be great if she made all the ‘I must save the world’ decisions, but I can’t force that on her. That isn’t her personality type. Teddie is stubborn, fiercely loyal, and desperate for family. When her boyfriend and friends are held in an EVO detention centre, her sole focus is their safety. ‘Sod the rest of the world. They are her world.’ Β This is where I started to struggle with progressing the narrative, mostly due to my own self-doubt.

I asked Mr.O his non-writer, but avid reader opinion on characters that make ‘bad’ decisions and he reiterated what I already knew, but in such a way that I instantly felt the doubt lift.

‘It’s not about bad choices and good choices or bad people and good people. They’re just people, so let them be who they are.’


I had to throw off my previous narrative ideas, and get back to being the pantser that I am. Teddie is the boss of the show… I mean, who do I think I am? I’m just the writer. I’m going to let her tell me how it is going to be from here on out, and allow her to make her own mistakes as long as I understand the motivation behind them.


4 thoughts on “I Created You, So Do What I say!”

  1. I hear ya! Almost everything I had planned for Rise of the Sparrows has changed to some degree, because my characters don’t care much for what I want and are determined to go their own way. Which I am happy with, but sometimes I have to rethink things quite a lot.

    And should you still feel unsure about Teddie’s choices – I like characters who make bad decisions because everyone makes bad decisions. If we want our characters to be convincing they can’t constantly make the right choice. And who’s to say what the right thing to do would be, anyway? Everyone’s different. Chances are some of your readers will believe that Teds did make the right decision even if you don’t πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one. It’s amazing how the people we create and nuture, turn against us like this… kids, eh? Haha.

      Yes, I agree, I too like character’s who make bad decisions, perhaps its because they’re true to their characters and enjoyable to read.

      Can I just point out that I love how you called Teddie, Teds. Now I know you definitely read the book πŸ˜‰ hehe.

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