Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #11

This week I hit a few bumps and snags, but I trundled on through and have another impressive word count to report:

7012 Words

Self doubt reared it’s ugly head again, but that’s another story and a whole other post… keep your eyes peeled for that one. I also had to pre-plan blog posts due to a pretty hectic few weeks/ month coming up, and it’s surprising how much time and effort we bloggers put in! I feel like I’ve been falling into bed each night for the past week.

Excerpt from this week’s work in progress:

Bo looks to Cooper for confirmation of all I’ve just said. She is physically sweating, but I guess that’s what happens when everything you think you’re fighting for crashes around your ears.

He nods, wiping his hand through his beard. “I was E.N.C, but it never sat well with me. I hated the Norms because my Dad was a Norm and he was a bastard, but he was just one man. I can’t blame them all for my shitty childhood.”

Bo backs away from the both of us, clearly agitated and looking like she is about to puke. I wish I could read her, to judge her stand on this, but I have to stick with intuition and my intuition is telling me to press her further.

“My boyfriend, Adam, the man you rescued from the military, he was E.N.C, so were many of my friends and my Uncle. They wanted what was promised: safety, freedom for EVO to be who we are without prejudice, not this fear that the E.N.C spreads now. Isaac was unstable and if you follow his twisted legacy, the E.N.C becomes unstable by proxy.”


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