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Prompt Me…

I have just finished drafting and scheduling the last two of my ‘Ten Weeks, Ten prompts, Ten Minutes’ writing exercises, and I have to admit I’m feeling a little downcast that it has come to an end. I enjoyed the writing exercises, and it was a nice respite from working on EVO Shift.

I was brainstorming some more prompt ideas when I had a brainwave. What is the best way to allow me to be interactive and to work on prompts that are fresh and new to me? I shall ask my blogging community to create prompts for me.

That is, if you want to, of course…

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Post a prompt you are happy for me to use in the comments below. (Please only offer original prompts).
  2. I will expand on the prompt in ten minutes and post one every Tuesday in a ‘Prompt Me’ post. (Starting Tuesday 10th Nov).
  3. If I use your prompt I will tag you in the post with a link to your blog.
  4. If you want to play along, let me know and I will create a prompt for you too.

Whether it is an intriguing sentence, dialogue, or a unique photo, I’m happy to receive all suggestions.

Find K.J.Chapman’s original prompts: here

17 thoughts on “Prompt Me…”

  1. It’s a fantastic idea and I’d love to suggest one! Maybe two…

    1. The whole idea was absurd. Thank goodness. She would never waste her time on anything less.
    2. “There’s a cloud above your head.” “I know. It’s been ten days now. I just don’t know how to get it to stop.”

    Hope they might help spark inspiration 🙂

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  2. Sounds like fun! 🙂

    An exchange of dialogue for my second book just came to me this morning that I think can be used as a prompt:

    “You’re crazy.”
    “I may be crazy, but you’re insane.”
    “What’s the difference?”

    I have the next line, with my character throwing out what she believes is the difference, but I feel like that’s a good prompt, answering the question of, ‘What’s the difference between crazy and insane, if there is a difference?’

    I hope that works for you. And if you want to hit me up with a prompt, I’ll be glad to do one. 🙂

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    1. I have created a dialogue writing prompt for you, so here it is:

      “What the hell is that on your roof?”
      “Oh, that’s just some sciency crap of my brother’s. He’s trying to communicate with extra terrestrials. Lame I know.”
      “Does it always blink like that?”

      I hope this inspires and I look forward to seeing what you create 🙂

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  3. I’ll pick 5 random ones from my beautiful book of writing prompts! 🙂

    1) Write a press release announcing the biggest moment in your life. Pitch why this event is of interest to the masses and the reporters who will decide whether to cover it.

    2) Write two prayers for your character: one to be said in private, one to be said in public.

    3) The secret that, if revealed, would upset everything.

    4) Your dog’s last dream.

    5) You wake up in an open field wearing an astronaut suit and lying on a surfboard. What happened?

    Have fun! 😀

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  4. I love the prompt me idea.
    Here are three that I hope will give you some inspiration (or at least one)…

    1.Embers rained down on the city of Hope.
    The night of enlightenment and conversion had begun.

    2.It would be only a matter of time until he realised I had stolen his wife’s body and claimed it as my own. If he really loved her, he would tell the difference. Wouldn’t he?

    3. (Scene prompt)An American type diner in the middle of nowhere in England. Two people awake from a drunken night to find themselves alone. Then strange sounds emit from the kitchen.

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