Weekly Quotes

Quotes of the Week, October 19th 2015

This week I’m indulging in a spot of shameless self promotion. I am quoting lines from my novel, EVO Nation. These quotes have been picked by readers as their favourites.

“Why do you think we feel pain? It’s so we appreciate what amazing feels like.” ~ Adam Lovick, EVO Nation

‘There are no words to describe the way he is kissing me. I don’t want to define it anyhow. If it’s indefinable, then so can it be infinite. ‘ ~ Teddie Leason, EVO Nation.

‘The words come out of my mouth like a delicate smoke. After all, they did start from a fire in my soul.’ ~ Teddie Leason, EVO Nation.

Buy EVO Nation for 99p here.

Read Chapter One of EVO Nation here.


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