Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #10

This week I have been on a writing roll. On Sunday, I told myself that I was going to hit my 8K word count target, so I sat down and scheduled some blog posts to enable me to concentrate solely on my writing. It worked…

I hit 9876 words!

Admittedly, approximately 1K of those words were already written, and I had previously cut them to add them when the narrative required. They blended into the narrative like butter on warm toast, and I even did a little victory jig to myself. Nothing beats being able to use previously cut material and for it to blend so beautifully.

My motivation was spurred on Wednesday because I had a little brainwave about a plot bunny and how to work in a separate factor that had been nagging at me. I was driving my daughter to see my Nana, singing in duet our usual car song- ‘When I’m Gone’ (The Cup Song), and a totally unrelated thought popped into my head. It was a ‘Eureka’ moment.

By the way, this was my exact ‘brainwave’ face. Just saying…

Excerpt from this week’s work in progress: 

She smiles briefly. “Why are they interested in you? Is there something you’re keeping from me?”

Cooper and I share a tentative look. They must have picked up on my strength. The brain scans may have shown something out of place. “Yes, but I don’t trust you enough to tell you just yet.”

Bo laughs out loud; the sound is out of place in this dungeon. “Fair enough, although, if your secret can result in me ending up six feet under trust shouldn’t factor.”

“It shouldn’t, but it does.”

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

Image sourced from memegenerator.net

8 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #10”

    1. I rarely make 10k every week- this week was a fluke. I barely made 4k last week. I haven’t signed up for NaNoWriMo because I can’t make the commitment, but I’m going to try and hit high word counts through November 😉 When it comes to editing, I don’t normally have to change the narrative etc, but I do spend a lot of time on this process. I don’t edit until my first draft is complete.

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      1. I wish I could wait until the entire first draft is complete, but my tendency is to keep reading and rereading what I’ve already written, making changes along the way. I probably waste too much time, but this is my habit!

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      2. I believe we all have our own tricks to writing, but I’d never complete my first draft if I edited as I went along.

        I know authors who stick to a strict word count of 1k a day, and then spend their remaining writing time editing to perfection.It works for them 🙂

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