Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #9

This week has been pretty hectic as far as my writing and EVO Nation goes. I’ve had EVO Nation on a five day free promotion, and have spent most of my time plugging and self-promoting it. I’ve sent requests to a number of book reviewers, and been using social media to bump my downloads this week.

Self-promotion is surprisingly time consuming, so I have only managed 3570 words on EVO Shift, book two. It’s my lowest word count of the last few weeks, but I’m okay with it. I still feel it has been a productive week. EVO Nation won’t promote itself, and who is going to read book two without reading book one?

I’m hoping my shameless self-promotion will be fruitful, and result in many more reviews. After all, in my experience, reviews are what spur the sales. Next week, however, I’m back on the writing train and will dedicate the majority of my time to EVO Shift.

Excerpt from this week’s work in progress:

“You’ve found them?” I ask Lizzie, incredulously.

“Yes and no,” she says. “That list is from four days ago. There are four hundred and nine names on the intake list. In the last four days another twenty five detainees were signed into the centre.” She hands me a second green file. “Yesterday, thirty one EVO were either transferred or registered and released. That should make the tally four hundred and three in that detention centre, but I have personally counted every name on that list and there are only four hundred and two. I’ll give you one guess whose name is missing from both lists.”

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman


7 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #9”

  1. That’s still a great wordcount, particularly when you’ve been busy with the time-swallowing exercise which is book promotion – I hope it’s going well.
    I think I’m officially deciding not to worry about word counts for novel 2 for a while and instead gear up to do NaNoWriMo. JuNoWriMo worked really well for me and I got 30,000 words done. If I can do the same in November I’ll be delighted!

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  2. That’s still a good word count, and any progress is progress! Promoting your already existing book is important, too, and it’s good that you took some time out to do that. I’m reading EVO Nation now and will gladly add a review once I’ve finished it 🙂 It’s much shorter than the last one I read so I’m flying through it 🙂 (it’s always nice to read a book and feel like you’re actually getting through it)

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      1. Any time, Kay! We writers need to stick together, right? 🙂
        And thank you! I was actually going to include an excerpt last week with my word count post but only remembered it after I posted it. Oops! I’ll do one this week. If I remember. Heh.

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