EVO Nation Series

I have decided to Reblog this post to coincide with my five day FREE promo! Support for EVO Nation has been fantastic, and only yesterday I received more great feedback. Since writing this post, book two has been given its official title: EVO Shift, and I aim to self-publish to Amazon Kindle by February 2016.

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In this post I shall introduce my debut novel, EVO Nation, the first book in the EVO Nation Series. I am currently writing book two, and I’m sure to create blog posts regarding my current journey writing the sequel, so I thought I’d give some background on book one.

EVO Nation is a young adult, science fiction and fantasy novel. A particular favourite genre of mine to read, and evidently to write. The process from starting the first draft to self- publishing on Amazon Kindle took about nine months.

Here is the link to EVO Nation on Amazon Kindle (check out the ‘look inside’ feature to read the first few chapters and get a feel for the story.) Find EVO Nation by K.J. Chapman

The blurb:

The government tortures her, her own kind uses her, and she is learning the true meaning of ulterior motives. Teddie Leason has been dragged into the…

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