100% K.J Chapman, EVO Nation: Book One

Free Five Day Promo

As many of you know, I write YA, science fiction and urban fantasy. I self published my debut novel, EVO Nation, in June 2015 on Amazon Kindle, and I am currently working on book two of the EVO Nation Series, EVO Shift.

EVO Nation is now FREE for five days!!! GET YOUR FREE COPY TODAY! 

EVO Nation Blurb: 

The government tortures her, her own kind uses her, and she is learning the true meaning of ulterior motives. Teddie Leason has been dragged into the festering underbelly of the secretive world of EVO; a world about to be blown wide apart.

Now, the reclusive teenager who couldn’t get upset without her unruly ability causing destruction has to somehow embrace her gift to save her new friends and her new love.

Will the actions of one man fuel a suppressed, supremacist cult’s desire for war and vengeance, or will Teddie be strong enough to stop him?

A bit of shameless, self-promotion on one’s blog never hurt anyone…

If you feel that EVO Nation is up your street, please get your FREE copy today. If any book lovers and bloggers would like to review EVO Nation, please let me know, and I will look forward to hearing all feedback.

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