Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #8

I’ve made little headway with my work in progress this week, but 5647 words is nothing to turn my nose up at. On a personal front, I have made a lot of progress on the wedding preparations. I’m allowing myself to take time out to sort essential wedding stuff because it has dawned on us that we have just 68 days until the big day. We have family panicking around us, but surprisingly, we’re pretty laid back about the whole thing. I think it’s time we got our asses into gear.

I am at an important part of the narrative, and desperate to move the story on further to see how certain plot bunnies unravel. Hopefully, next week will produce a higher word count, and I will understand more about where the narrative is headed.

Excerpt from this weeks writing:

A sudden, screaming pain rages through my skull. “I don’t know- what is – what’s happening? It hurts,” I shriek. The pain sears, blurring my vision. “It really hurts,” I cry, grasping at my skull. The room starts to shake, everyone staggers, and the chairs upturn.  I stumble, and both Jude and Cooper catch me, lowering me to the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with her?”Cooper asks, fighting to stay upright. “Why does this keep happening?”

What does he mean ‘keep happening’? My vision blurs to nothing more than dull light and shadows.

Excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman


4 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #8”

  1. 5647 is definitely nothing to turn your nose up at! Although I know what you mean, I’d feel like I could have done more, too. But you mustn’t forget that you have a child to worry about and a wedding to plan, too! Considering all that it’s a very good word count!

    Great excerpt 🙂 I should start adding little snippets to my weekly counts..

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    1. Thank you, the wedding is really creeping up on us now, so that will take top priority for the next week weeks. Although, I’m hoping for another decent word count to keep me on track. Yes, you should add excerpts! I’d love to read them.


  2. I think that’s great 🙂
    I have to report zero on the WIP again, but I’m in the process of doing re-writes to chapters 1-3 of Art and Soul. I decided that for my next batch of agent submissions I should alter another of the variables – in this case the content of the first three chapters. I hope to have them ready to send off to 6-7 new agents in the middle of this week. Then I’ll leave it all alone until the new year. It’ll be really interesting to see if it makes any difference.
    So hopefully soon I’ll have freed up head space to focus on my WIP again. I’m finding the submission process very distracting! It’s lovely to see how well you’re getting on with yours 🙂

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    1. I hope you get some good responses. Submissions can be so stressful. Thank you, I think my doubt (and annoyance at low word counts) stems from the fact that on book one I was hitting at least 25k a month, but now having to promote book one and work on book two, it’s resulting in lower word counts 😦 I think we all can be a little hard on ourselves. It’s a writer’s prerogative 😉

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