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How Not to Use Twitter: A Guide For Annoying Authors

I was going to call this a Friday fun post, but I opted against it, seeing as I’m deadly serious on all points… It is a little funny I guess.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Twitter fan. As an author, I use Twitter to build up my web presence and promote my eBook. That being said, I don’t inundate my followers with incessant posts about buying my eBook. I recently unfollowed a fellow author after I counted twenty four ‘buy my book’ posts in as many hours- that averages out at one an hour! It’s unnecessary and irritating. Add a little something more to your tweets; try to appear human at the least.

My pet peeves:

  • Automatic DM’s- You know the kind. You click on the follow button, and within minutes you receive a DM begging you to download their book. If you send me a DM like this I’m 100% more likely to never read your book for as long as I live.
  • Tweet a thank you every time you get a follower- It is probably written somewhere in the golden book of Twitter etiquette, but it’s annoying as hell. Don’t worry, I won’t unfollow you because you haven’t personally thanked me in my own tweet. In fact, I will like you that little bit more for not bothering.
  • Tweet about nothing other than your book- Are you a person or a robot? Show me you are human and perhaps offer a side helping of humour. You can even keep your page solely about writing (not just about your book), but writing tips, advice, and blog posts can build your presence in a positive, less annoying way.
  • Set up an account for your book- I’ve never read it, I probably never will, so I will not be interested in your books twitter page. I won’t follow it either. Stick with a Facebook book page and be done with it.

Rant over. Take me with a pinch of salt, but I can’t be the only one who gets highly irritated at the littlest things!


12 thoughts on “How Not to Use Twitter: A Guide For Annoying Authors”

  1. YES! Yes on all of those! And if I may add a point – within minutes of you following someone you get a message begging you to follow their facebook page! I can see on your profile that your page exists. If I’m interested I’ll head over there myself, I don’t need you pushing me. It’s very similar to the messages you get begging you to buy their book. It just looks desperate.

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    1. If you read certain blog posts or ‘how to use twitter to your advantage’ posts, they tell you to do all the above!!!! No wonder we’re inundated with annoying messages and posts. In my opinion, it makes the author seem desperate not professional!


      1. And an extra point I should have included is when authors follow you, you follow back, and then they slyly unfollow. It’s a cheeky bid to up their follower numbers. I keep track of who I’m following, and will unfollow anyone who plays this game with me 😉

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      2. Some of them aren’t very good at playing that game, either – a few days ago I had a music promoter follow me! Now, they might actually be interested in my book, or more likely they have unfollowed me again a few hours later. I didn’t follow them because I’m not interested in music promoters, so it might be they’re still waiting for me to follow back before unfollowing me! (it just occurred to me what a strange little word ‘unfollow’ is… it’s time I make some tea, I think)


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