Tip Share

Tip Share #3

This week’s tip share comes after a spell of self-doubt on my part. Occasionally, I question my writing ability and fall into a writing slump. It’s a load of tosh. Will anyone want to read this? I’m the worst writer in the world!

My tip:

‘Write for yourself and no one else. Write because it’s what you love, what you have to do, and what makes your soul happy. The rest will follow.’

It’s a simple as that. Take it back to basics and write for yourself. If you pour your heart and soul into it, the readers will feel it in their heart and soul.

2 thoughts on “Tip Share #3”

    1. Thank you, I hate it when self-doubt creeps up. I always go through a writing slump when this happens.

      I had a great review from a reader and another asking for book two, so it dragged me out of my wallowing pit 😉


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