Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #7

It has been another productive writing week for me this week. I’m a little surprised as we have had a busy week: Our nieces birthday party, school meetings, visiting family, and Mr.O’s birthday. Stealing writing time here and there throughout the day has proved fruitful.

Last week, I forgot to keep count of my word count each day, and instead, totalled up my weekly count. This week, I have purposely not kept track. It may be purely psychological, but not knowing my word count each day is less stressful and demotivating for me, and I enjoy the surprise at the end of the week. If it works it works, right?

My grand total for this week is : 7344 Words

Excerpt from this weeks work in progress:

Grayson keeps eye contact, his soft expression bringing tears to my eyes. He’s going to tell me something I don’t want to hear. “I’m sorry, Teddie, but we can only locate your friends if they show up at one of the fight houses. As it is, they appear to be in government custody.”

“Jude said something about detention centres. Do you have any idea where they are?”

“We have the location of one detention centre, but the information is pointless without the numbers to take on such a facility. They have near on impenetrable security systems in place. Jude said you are familiar with TORO, yes?”

All excerpts are the works of KJ.Chapman

3 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #7”

    1. Congrats on the submissions, and I look forward to your blog post. I’m always interested to hear other people’s submissions journeys (mine was fruitless hence why in the end I self-published).
      I had a writing hiatus yesterday, but I’m hoping that won’t affect my word count next week.

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