Weekly Quotes

Quotes of the Week, September 21st 2015

As a writer, I know as well as anyone about the torturous, creativity crusher that is self-doubt. We all go through highs and lows during the writing process, but it’s how we push through the lows and continue on our writing journey that determine us as writers.

‘Be bold, make mistakes, learn a lesson, and fix what doesn’t work.’ ~ Seth Godin

‘The first draft of anything is shit.’ ~ Ernest Hemingway

The reason why I like these quotes? It’s because they’re both stating that it’s okay to make mistakes in the first instance. The first draft is getting our story down, and being creative in the art of storytelling. Allowing myself to make mistakes was a game changer for me when writing my debut novel, EVO Nation. I still suffer from self-doubt from time to time, but I remind myself that mistakes are easily corrected, and I give myself a kick up the ass to finish that first draft.


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