Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #6

I was right! Now my daughter is in full-time school, I have annihilated my word count goal of 400 words per day/ 2800 per week. Yep, I’m totally blowing my own trumpet, but I don’t care.

I forgot to keep track of my word count each day, so I can only offer an overall weekly word count, but I’m proud to do so:

9036 Words… BOOM!

My most productive writing week in god knows how many months has left me on a high. Last week was overshadowed by self-doubt, but this week I’m walking around like ‘Billy Big Balls’… or the female equivalent.

Image sourced from Memegenerator.net


3 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #6”

  1. Good on you! Well earned!
    Another pathetic week from me, I’m afraid. But we’re back to the old routine next week, so I live in hope. I’ll also be sending out more submissions for novel 1…
    Brilliant! When my little one starts pre-school in January, I can only hope for such productive weekly word counts ๐Ÿ™‚


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