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Tip Share #2

Tip Share #2 is a personal preference of mine, and can be good fun too.

‘Use Google/ Pinterest to find images that reflect your character’s description, and compile a Visual Character Description Tool. Keep it to hand when you’re writing.

Some writers call it their ‘dream cast’ of people who’d play their characters if a movie was ever made of their novel. I call it my visual character description tool. Having a visual description is beneficial to me. It brings my characters to life in a way that’s different to just reading my descriptions off of paper.

I always stray from the visual description, and I do have my own idea of how my characters look in my head, but using a picture of a model or an actor allows me to see them in a different light. Perhaps, the model has a crooked smile that I think will benefit my character, or a certain actor has a unique scar that would add more background to my antagonist.

An added benefit, as I pre-mentioned, is that it’s also a lot of fun. I have created a visual description board on Pinterest for my first novel, EVO Nation. It was a worthwhile exercise, and I thoroughly enjoyed scouring pictures for an image that reflected a certain character.

Check out my EVO Nation board on Pinterest. If you have compiled your own such tools, or have any similar suggestions, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “Tip Share #2”

  1. I’ve never looked around Pinterest for pictures of people who look like my characters! I think it’s mostly because they are different people, and I’d feel like I’m describing someone else so it doesn’t feel right to me. Then again, maybe I’m missing something! I know what my characters look like but I can see why it would be beneficial to do it this way. I’m just not convinced that it would work for me.

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    1. I have writer friends who swear by it, and others who rather not have a visual image to use. I’m in the middle- I like to have a visual character description tool, but I do stray from it often. It just helps trigger different character traits etc, even if the physical description i.e. hair colour, doesn’t match my character.

      I love the creativity of writing and how we all have a different approach to it. 🙂


  2. I’ve done this with a few characters, but not all of them. I only did it for the main characters to see how the descriptions I had for them fit together when they’re ‘standing’ next to each other. I did change a couple of my character descriptions based on the pictures. Oh, and I also did this for two characters who get into a romance to see how they look as a couple.

    But yeah, I think casting the characters in your novel is a good way to bring that visualization to life and see how they look as they interact with each other.

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    1. I like how having a visual prop for the characters brings more than just hair colour, eye colour etc, but can give ideas for gait, crooked smiles, tilt of the head etc.

      It’s a useful exercise, even if you’re just doing it for fun. We can all fantasise about that movie deal! 😉

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