Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #4

It has been a strange week. I’ve scraped by on my word counts for the first part of the week, fell five words short on Thursday, wrote with a rocket up my backside on Friday, and then dropped back down to the bare minimum again over the weekend.

  • Monday- 427 words
  • Tuesday- 417 words
  • Wednesday- 438 words
  • Thursday- 395 words
  • Friday- 1610 words
  • Saturday- 442 words
  • Sunday- 471 words

My little one is back to school tomorrow, so I expect to see a dramatic increase in my word counts. Only time will tell if I manage to do more than procrastinate next week.

Excerpt from this weeks writing:

I hold out my hand, stopping the darts mid-flight. He hesitates for a moment, staring at the fallen darts littering the grass. He’s hunting EVO, but I doubt he’s seen one of us use our abilities. I doubt he knows much about any of us. I guess it’s easier for them not to know. He’s just following his orders like a trained dog; not asking questions, not understanding the truth.

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

4 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #4”

  1. That’s another great week. We’re technically “on holiday” but, as I’m sure you know, mums don’t get holidays – just more of the same in a different place. And in my case, a different case with highly limited internet access. I think I’ve scraped together about the same number of words as last week: 1,200. I’ll see what I can do next week.
    Hopefully next week you’ll have a bit more time for writing 🙂

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    1. 1200 words whilst on holiday is brilliant. I wouldn’t have written at all 😉 And yes, I totally understand, and for me the stress factor increases on holiday; keeping kids entertained, making sure no one gets lost!

      Enjoy your hols!

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