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Official Title Reveal

Book two in the EVO Nation Series has finally got it’s official title. I have been tossing about a few titles for the past three months, but there was one that I kept coming back to, and even started using privately.

EVO Shift: EVO Nation Series Book Two

There are a lot of changes happening in this book, and not just in regards to the character’s personal lives. Huge societal, political, and moral changes are present as the story advances from book one, EVO Nation. You could say that the world as we know it ‘shifts’ as a new era dawns.

Buy book one- EVO Nation from Amazon for just 99p!

5 thoughts on “Official Title Reveal”

    1. I’m planning on three, but it totally depends on book three. I don’t want to set anything in stone quite yet 😉 Although, I already have an idea for a different series… oh, the crazy in my head. I love it really.

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      1. I know that feeling, I have so many different ideas in my head it’s driving me insane! It would be hard not to write another series after this one!
        For the record – I love trilogies but have read some really good series which came in twos, so either way I’m sure yours will work out well 🙂


      2. Yes, I think there is something quirky about a two book series.

        I’m conscious of either rushing my story or dragging it out. I’m just trying to find that happy medium.


  1. And thank you. I like that the title is short and to the point. I knew I would keep EVO in the title for the whole series, and Shift seemed to be the logical choice as it covers a range of changes in book two 🙂 I kept referring to the book as EVO Shift, so I kind of had to roll with it.


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