Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #3

I’m happy with my progress this week. I’ve hit my target of 400 words per day unlike last week. As you can tell, mid-week was busy for me, so my word count dropped, but I’ve picked up once again. Just one more week of the summer holidays and I will have a little more time to spend on my writing.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this week.  My narrative is at a crucial cross-roads and it’s a lot of fun to see which route my characters are choosing. Only time will tell, but I have a good feeling.

  • Monday- 2220 words
  • Tuesday- 501 words
  • Wednesday- 448 words
  • Thursday- 428 words
  • Friday- 540 words
  • Saturday- 751 words
  • Sunday- 614 words

Excerpt from my work in progress:

“Who, Silvain? Who needs what? Stop being so damn cryptic. Tell me now or I’ll read you- everything you’ve ever thought, every embarrassing moment.” I sound so cruel, so heartless, but I’m on my last nerve. Adam is probably doing his nut back at the surgery.

“My wife, Vera. She needs to meet you, to know you are as real as the sunrise. She is EVO with an ability for precognition, but has lost her grasp on reality, and had to be institutionalised seven years ago. The future speaks to her, but I think it got too loud. My poor Vera. Imagine it, Teddie. Imagine knowing what lies ahead; the good, the bad, and the ugly. She knows it all, but cannot change it.”

Book One: EVO Nation

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

6 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #3”

  1. Brilliant! Once again, you’ve put me to shame. Another heavy work week has meant I only hit 1200 words total for the week again (and it was a bit of a miracle I managed that, to be honest). Goodness knows what will happen this week, but I’ll keep trying 🙂 I hope you have another productive week!


    1. Thank you- just one more week of the holidays and I can get back to my normal routine!!! The middle of the week is always the least productive for me as my other half has his days off, but Mondays seem to be my motivation days 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Monday was a good day for you! Well done for not dropping under your word count goals on any day, you should feel quite proud of that!
    And I agree, I love not knowing everything that’s going to happen and letting my characters choose. It’s the best thing about writing, the author-character bonding.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My work rota will go back to term-time soon, too, which means I’ll be home every other Thursday and Friday (I just work the weekend instead) so there should be productive days ahead for me, too!


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