Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #2

My summer word count target of 400 words per day has been tested this week. However, overall, I did surpass the weekly target of 2800 words by 632 words.

  • Monday: 636 words
  • Tuesday: 352 words
  • Wednesday: 410 words
  • Thursday: 450 words
  • Friday: 458 words
  • Saturday: 624 words
  • Sunday: 502 words

Excerpt from my writing this week:

He takes a gulp of water, and raises an eyebrow over the top of the bottle. “You know that your mother had nothing to do with your being taken to Facility One or Rob’s death.”

“And that fixes everything?” I scoff into my own drink. “I was seven years old the first time I realised that she had a drink problem. Dad had been trying to shelter me from it, but Shana turned up at my school drunk and accused one of the teachers of making ‘sex’ eyes at my Dad. The other kids teased me about it for months. That was just one of the many ways Shana Leason ruined my childhood. It only got worse from there. I don’t want to talk about that woman anymore. Can we go for a walk? I need to be doing something.”

This week was not as productive as the last. On Tuesday I fell short, but I kind of justified this to myself with the extra words I managed during the rest of the week. I know that’s not the name of the game, but tomorrow is a new week, and with it I hope to experience some new motivation.

Book one in the EVO Nation Series: EVO Nation

All excerpts are the works of K.J. Chapman


2 thoughts on “Word Count Weekly #2”

  1. Again, that’s brilliant. My best estimate of what I’ve managed this week is about 1,200 – which is pretty rubbish. Although, that said, I’m pleased I managed to do anything!
    Fingers crossed this week I’ll have more time now that I’ve turned in my work.

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    1. Yes, with a lot going on its hard to hit even 400 words per day. I think some of mine might be rubbish as I felt like I was purposely trying to reach 400, but as long as I have something to edit, I’m happy. 😉

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