My Top Five Book Review Bloggers

I enjoy reading a good blog post as much as I enjoy writing one. Today, I want to show appreciation for my favourite book review bloggers in this quick weekend post.

Some of these bloggers may not solely focus on book reviews, but I do appreciate their opinions and thoughts on the books they’ve read, and subsequently posted about.

  1. River Heights Book Review
  2. Cookie break
  3. Art and Soul
  4. Britanny Marie Reads
  5. The Bespectacled Mother

Head on over and check out their blogs. Spread the blog love this weekend…


6 thoughts on “My Top Five Book Review Bloggers”

  1. That’s so lovely – thank you very much! I didn’t know about 3 of the other and will go check them out right now 🙂
    P.S. I have had a dismal writing week. I had a large assignment come in and after spending 12 hours a day at the computer translating boring legal documents, I lost the will to do anything else at the keyboard. I’ll try and write something on paper today so at least I have some words to report tomorrow.

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  2. Thank you so much for giving me a mention here. It came as a pleasant surprise for me since I am not into book reviewing. I just write about the picture books that me and my son read and our conversations or any incidences related to the stories in them.

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      1. Thanks for letting me know that 🙂 Your words motivate me to blog actively more about the books we have read and are reading. I stopped writing about them sometime back for the reason of dismal readership.

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