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Summer Holidays Writing Hell

This summer has been absolute hell as far as my writing goes. Since my daughter has been off school, I haven’t laid down more than 3000 words, and most of them are a load of rubbish. I get a little panicky when I think about how far behind I find myself.

So far, the summer holidays have been great. We’ve had trips to our local theme park, visited family, park trips, and nature walks/ rides through the National Trust estate I mentioned in my previous post: The Beauty of Home. We also have a LOT more planned.


This has resulted in my writing falling seriously behind. I should ensure I write in the evenings once my daughter is in bed, but I’m either exhausted, or my other half has a night off work and I want to spend time with him. I won’t forfeit time with my family, and even more so since my other half has precious holiday time from work, but I also don’t want to forfeit my writing time. This is my summer holiday writing hell!

There are still four weeks left of the summer holidays, and I need to take action:

  1. Draw up a writing schedule.
  2. Stick to the schedule.

I’m not greedy, I don’t need to be rocking out tens of thousands of words, just more than I have been, and I think a schedule is the way forward. Once I have designed a suitable schedule, I’ll shall create a blog post to let you know how I get on with it.

Do you have your own writing hell experiences? How did you deal with it? I’m interested in all solutions… Seriously, TELL ME!

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11 thoughts on “Summer Holidays Writing Hell”

  1. I’m in a similar situation to you. I did really well during June and the start of July, averaging 1000 words a day. But over the last 3 weeks I think I’ve written 1000 total. I should also write when my toddler goes to bed, but my brain flatlines.

    Do you want to agree a schedule? I think I could try and promise 400 words a day or something. It doesn’t sound too scary… even if I just scribble something down by hand so I don’t have to turn my computer on and get screen headache. if I felt like I’d be letting you down if I didn’t do it I think that would give me the boot up the backside I need! 🙂

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    1. That would be fab. 400 words sounds great because its not out of reach, but if we do more it’s a bonus 😉 I’ll do a word count blog at the end of every week (Sundays), and hopefully we’ll be back on track. Thanks for the offer!! 🙂

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  2. My answer to writing hell is pretty simple: I don’t write.

    If I don’t have time for it, if I feel like there are more important things to do at this moment, then I simply don’t write for the time being. My number one rule in writing is to not force anything. I look at my relationship with writing as just that: a relationship. I wouldn’t force someone to feel a certain way about me or spend time with me or try to shoehorn them into my schedule in an attempt to stay relevant with them when maybe the very thing we need, rather than forcing time with each other, is just a little space so that we can both recharge our batteries. That way, when we get together again — and if we’re really important to each other, we will — it’ll be the magnificent, fun time that we’re accustomed to having.

    Personally, I don’t write on a schedule and I don’t write on a word count. When writing comes to me, it comes to me. And when it feels like it’s time to say goodbye for now, whether I’ve written 1,000 words or 2,000 words or a mere 500 words, then I say goodbye, comment about how much fun we had, and look forward to our next meeting.

    From my point of view, stress sucks. And the last thing writing wants to do is stress me out, and I don’t want to stress it out. Writing is such a good friend to me and I do my best to be a good friend to it. 🙂

    By the way, this is simply what works for me. Whatever works for you is whatever works for you. There’s no wrong way, only the way that works for you. 🙂

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  3. This week is feeling a little hellish where writing the book is concerned, because there is so much left to prepare and organise before our holiday. I’ll be very surprised if I get any writing done this week but I’d like to do at least some… 1,000 words are better than nothing, right?

    As for solutions, getting a schedule is the only thing I can think of that actually works for me. You’re a young mummy with a young girl, of course life is going to be busy and stressful and tiring. I don’t know how you wrote the bit that you did! But don’t be too harsh with yourself on your schedule, if you can’t hit your target one night because you’re too exhausted you roll yourself up in a blanket and have a hot chocolate instead!


      1. Hmm, now you’re talking :3
        Never forget that writing a book is stressful and all but it should be fun, too. Don’t punish yourself by writing when you’re ready to fall into bed and sleep for a week!


      2. I enjoy writing when I get the time, just a shame there isn’t more hours in the day. I’m incredibly grateful, and privileged that my little family makes my world better than the ones I create 😉


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