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A Writer and A Wedding


This past week, I have been buzzing and haven’t been able to share the reason why. I’m getting married… in seventeen weeks.

I have been with my childhood sweetheart, Mr O, for fourteen years, and last Sunday we decided to get married. I’m sure we love to test ourselves as we decided on December of this year. Hence, why this week has been a whirl of bookings, detailing, and panicking. We had to ensure everything was in place before we told our family and friends.

We are planning on an intimate ceremony at our local registry office, bypassing the formal reception, and heading straight into an evening reception/ party. Low key is the name of the game. I’m not an extravagant person, and budgeting is my forte. So, I will not let this wedding get the better of me. Stay tuned for more on my wedding hacks… as and when I discover them.

On a more serious note, wedding planning has put another spanner in my writing works. I’m already struggling to keep to a writing schedule and balance family life during the holidays, and now, I’m adding a wedding to the mix. A wedding I have only 17 weeks to organise- why do I do these things to myself?

I will keep telling myself that I am Super Woman. I am Super Woman. I am Super Woman.


5 thoughts on “A Writer and A Wedding”

  1. Kay! That’s excellent news, congratulations! Your wedding sounds exactly how I would do things (if we were planning on getting married, which we’re not) – a small, intimate ceremony and straight into the food and celebrations after! I’m really, really happy for you, it will be a beautiful day! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Low key is best in my opinion, helps us focus on the important part- the ceremony 🙂 I’m having slight anxiety at the lack of time we’ve given ourselves, but in the end that will make the experience all the more fun 😉


      1. Nothing like a bit of last-minute panic ^^ I agree, low key is definitely the way to go. Huge ceremonies cost too much money and nerves if you ask me, and all the fuss and sparkle isn’t what the highlight of the day should be. If you can enjoy yourselves and celebrate in the way you want then that’s the most important part. I’ll have to think of a present to give you somehow ^^

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