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The Beauty Of Home

Just a quick post to share with you the beauty of the place I call home- Helston, Cornwall.

I feel incredibly privileged to live somewhere as beautiful and inspiring as I do. The following pictures are of a national trust woods – ‘Penrose’. Penrose is within walking distance of my home, and we have spent many an amazing day walking to the beach, geocaching, blackberry picking, and scavenger hunting.

The Cornish country side features in my novels, and you can see why. I’m a proud Cornish girl or ‘maid’ as we say, and I love my home.

I’m going to gush a little more and add a link to a song: Cornwall My Home

3 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Home”

  1. Such a beautiful landscape! I feel quite privileged where we live because we have a park/meadow opposite our house rather than more houses, but your view is a hundred times better. It looks like the perfect area for a walk if you need to clear your head!


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