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My Five Writing Distractions

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I won’t even attempt to lie, I am easily distracted. When I write I sometimes have a lot going on around me, but such is life. I manage pretty well, and perhaps the chaos around me reflects the writing chaos rumbling around in my mind.

I will now divulge my five biggest distractions:

1. Social Media

Social media is my major downfall. I tell myself that I will quickly check my Facebook or Twitter, and an hour of so later I’m still checking.

2. Reading

Is reading really a distraction? I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing, so even though I don’t see it as a distraction per se, reading does take me away from my writing… but in a good way.

3. My Favourite TV Series

Again, another good distraction. My other half and I enjoy getting involved in a good TV series. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, True Detective, and so on. At the moment we’re watching Black Sail starring Toby Stephens, and we are loving it. Seeing as it is the school holidays, the evenings are the only time I get to concentrate on my writing, and yes, watching TV eats into that time, but who cares? All work and no play makes KJ a dull girl.

4. Housework

I’m a stay at home parent, so I take on the majority of chores in our home. My other half works anti-social hours, and we’ve found a routine that works. However, I detest housework with a passion that burns with the intensity of a million suns. I’d much rather be writing than cleaning toilets.

5. Daydreaming

Daydreaming is a distraction that I think most writers suffer from. The up side of my daydreaming is that I’m usually figuring out plot holes, or running over dialogue, so not all my time goes to waste.

There you have it – my five distractions. Now, I’m going to crack on with some writing… or social media.


13 thoughts on “My Five Writing Distractions”

  1. Well, you could argue that books can inspire you and are therefore a good distraction, so in a way you’re doing yourself a favour!
    I know exactly by what you mean with housework being a distraction. My boyfriend works full time and I only work part time, so I don’t feel fair leaving all these chores for him to do when I am home in the morning. I’d probably write more if laundry and generally keeping the place tidy weren’t necessary! As it is it could be better, but this book won’t write itself, so there.


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