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My Most Important Tool As A Writer

This is another Friday Fun post. I might make these posts a habit for a Friday morning. Feel free to join in!

What is my most important tool as a writer?

Of course, I could say notebooks, paper, pens, blah blah blah, but I wanted to share with you a naming book I have had for many years- Dictionary of First Names by Geddes & Grosset. I purchased this book in a charity shop for fifty pence many moons ago, long before I had my daughter.

It has always been my tool for picking character names and understanding the meanings behind them. It was bizarre to actually use it to pick out a name for a real life human. In case you are wondering, I named my daughter Sophie. She just didn’t suit Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (if you get this reference let’s be ‘Friends’).

Here is my treasured baby/ character name book:

As you can see it is a tad tatty, and some pages are loose, but it has been lovingly adorned with Frozen stickers by my daughter. (I think she put Hans on there to represent Team Antagonist). It is also full to bursting with post-it notes. Each one is for a name that took my fancy. I use post-its for easy reference, and because I have an obsession with stationery.

If I ever have to dispose of this book it will be a solemn day indeed. I feel a little sick at the thought of it. I’ve had it for many years, and although it seems crazy to say it, it holds sentiment.

4 thoughts on “My Most Important Tool As A Writer”

  1. I was going to say that my most treasured writing tool is tea and maybe some cookies, but your book looks amazing! I’m usually quite bad at naming characters but this might solve my problems! Thanks for giving me an idea, Kay 🙂


  2. That’s a great way to come up with names for your characters. I actually just stumble onto names that I read somewhere and take a liking to them. For example, one of my main characters in the last two books in my trilogy has a name I read off of a name tag from someone who works at a local Walmart. I just loved her name and I thought it fit really well with the character.

    But yes, character names are very important. Give a character a different name and it’s almost like a different character. There’s just a certain right feeling that goes along with placing the right name with the right character. It’s like that’s who they were born to be.


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