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Cutting The Dead Weight

For the last week I have been in a writing lull. I’m working on book two in the EVO Nation series, and barely scraped together eight thousand words in the last seven days.

It is unlike me to get stuck in a writing/ plot rut, but it happened, and I couldn’t see a way out. I generally don’t outline, and the narrative comes naturally, but the tangent I followed took me down a dull path. The narrative wasn’t heading in an interesting direction, the pace was not in keeping with book one, and if I was feeling a bit ‘blah’ at the thought of digging my way out of the black hole my story was sinking into, how could I expect the readers to not feel ‘blah’ about my whole book? I could have cried.

So, I finally admitted to myself that something needed to give.  I spent the whole day on Saturday at my Nana’s house with my daughter, seeing family, and just doing our usual ‘mother’s meeting’ as the men in the family call it. It was nice knowing that I wasn’t supposed to be writing. I told myself that evening would be the turn around. I was going to try and pin point the chapter where I last felt enthusiastic about book two, and see what went wrong.

I did just that. Only, the chapter I last thoroughly enjoyed writing was four thousand words ago. Again, I could have cried. I had to take it back, and cut those four thousand words. There was nothing else to be done.

I hit delete, and do you know what? It was liberating. Once I had come to terms with the fact that I was now behind schedule, but being behind schedule was okay if it meant my story was back on track, I clung to another plot tangent and hit the ground running.

I’m now back on top form, and working at full capacity again… (deep breath). The narrative is progressing much better, and my enthusiasm has returned. So, the moral of the story is- ‘Don’t be afraid to take it back. Cut the dead weight.’ It can be daunting, but suck it up and hit delete for the sake of your novel, oh, and your sanity.


5 thoughts on “Cutting The Dead Weight”

  1. Deleting 4,000 words doesn’t sound too bad, it could have been worse! Thankfully I haven’t hit that spot yet, and hopefully I won’t for ‘Rise of the Sparrows’ but if it happens it happens. Good on you for deleting what had to go, your book will be better off for it!

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