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My Cures For Writer’s Block

Writer’s block, the dreaded two words that no writer wants to utter, but we have all been there, right?

Here are my tried and tested tips to bust the block, and burst the dam of creativity.

Long Term Suggestions:

1. Dream Journal- Keeping a notebook and pen beside your bed is a great idea for jotting down all those thoughts that come to you just before you’re about to fall asleep, or to write down that fascinating dream before you forget the details. Once you have a dream journal in place, whenever you need a little inspiration you will have a book full to bursting.

2. Muse Notebook- It is worth investing in a small notebook that you can keep in your pocket or bag. This is particularly important when you are out and about and need to write down a snippet of dialogue or a quote you’ve overheard. A particular song lyric that inspires or holds resonance with you might be forgotten if you wait until you get home to jot it down.

This notebook can be called upon when writer’s block kicks in. Things that inspired you in the first instance, could hold a completely different meaning when you revisit them.

3. Pinterest Set up a Pinterest account and create an inspiration board. Any images, quotes, and lyrics you find inspiring can be pinned to your board for future use. You can even peruse other pinner’s inspiration boards for ideas. Check out my post, A Passion For Pinterest, for ways to use Pinterest to your advantage.

Short Term Suggestions/ Quick Fixes:

1. Listen to music- Music stirs emotions in us all. Pick a song, really listen to the lyrics, and picture the story behind them.

2. Change of scenery- Go for a walk, or try writing in a different location such as your local library.

3. Read a newspaper or magazine- Real life stories can be interesting and spur the ‘what if’ questions.

4. Pick a song title- Pick a song title and write a paragraph based on that title.

5. Writing prompts- Find writing prompts online and expand on the prompt. See where your creativity takes you. I have created prompts in another of my blog posts, Narrative Prompts.

6. Interview family or friends- It doesn’t have to be a formal interview. Casually chat about their past experiences, phobias, dreams. Take a concept and expand on it from your own imagination.

7. Childhood photographs- Browse photos from your past/ childhood. Does anything strike you funny or curious? Is there a mysterious woman in the background of a shot who would make an interesting character?

8. Visit a graveyard- This might seem a morbid suggestion, but graveyards can offer a wealth of inspiration; names, tragedy, and spook value. Try to imagine lives for the deceased. What did they do for a living? Did they die from an act of bravery, stupidity, or a broken heart?

9. Partake in some fun- What better way to recharge your batteries, gain experiences, mingle with others, and de-stress? Let you hair down, and come back to writing with a relaxed, fresh head.

10. Browse a baby name book- Name books that include the name meanings are fantastic for inspiration. Name a character, and then develop their personality based on the meaning behind their name.


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