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Children’s Summer Reading Challenge 2015 – Record Breakers

summer read blog

Just a quick post this Saturday morning to promote the Children’s Summer Reading Challenge 2015.

Quote taken from The Reading Agency webpage:

‘The Summer Reading Challenge in libraries is the UK’s leading reading for pleasure programme for primary school aged children; it runs in 98% of local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland every summer and in 2014 returned to Northern Ireland. 2014 was a record year involving 839,622 children, with 81,908 children joining the library as new members. The 2015 Summer Reading Challenge is called Record Breakers, delivered in partnership with Guinness World Records.’

This is my daughters first year ‘officially’ partaking in the challenge. The children get little activities/ gifts through out the challenge, and will receive a certificate and medal on completion.

Get your children, nieces, nephews, friend’s children signed up for the summer holidays. Just head to your local library.

My daughter (four years old) has selected her six books to read (for Mummy and Daddy to read to her).

1. Whizz Bang Winnie by Laura Owen & Korky Paul

2. Petal’s Story by Battersea Dogs and Cats home

3. The Railway Rabbits (Wisher and the Runaway Piglet) by Georgie Adams

4. Hello Kitty: The beach Holiday – A HarperCollins Book (author not stated)

5. Hello Kitty:The Magazine Mix- Up- A HarperCollins Book (author not stated)

6. My Hamster is a Detective by Dave Lowe

At the end of her challenge I will do a post of her reviews for each book, and my own ‘Mummy review’. We will also do a review of the challenge as a whole.

Find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge

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