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Writing Space

I’ve decided to offer a little insight into my life, and in particular my writing space.

Many authors rave about the importance of a private, quiet, functioning writing space, and to those authors I say, “Pah.” I can only dream of such a space, however, I work well with what I have.

First, I want to give you a glimpse at my ideal writing space/s. A girl can dream, right?

writingspace2 writing space1

(*images sourced from Pinterest)

These offices are different, but equally beautiful. I would like a happy medium between the two; an office crammed to the rafters with books, and an inspiration wall full of little trinkets and treasures… (sighs).

Now, it’s time to view my reality…

I have to work in my lounge on my dining table. As you can see I have a lovely view of a magnolia wall, an ironing board, and a Henry Hoover. When my butt falls asleep from the hard dining chair, I will sit on the sofa with my laptop perched on my knees. Oh, the glamorous life I do lead.

Enough feeling sorry for myself. As long as I’m writing what does it matter? I am fortunate to be in a position where I can be a stay at home parent and fulfil my passion. If that means writing on the dinner table, then so be it. I’m blessed with my little family and my life. Writing is the cherry on the top.

Power to all the writers out there who are rocking their own realities.


9 thoughts on “Writing Space”

    1. It sure doesn’t. I have a daughter, and the prospect of the summer holidays is bitter sweet. No more school runs… but six weeks of trying to find writing time whilst entertaining a four year old- argh! I shall now start dreaming about nannies, and house husbands 😉

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  1. Your space looks far more tidy than mine! I have a real (gasp!) desk but there are some other things here as well.. Never mind the cat who’s meowing for attention as I type this. When I do the editing it’ll be in a different spot, either outside in the garden or upstairs in the guest room.

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    1. Mine can get messier, and even spill on to the floor, but I have to mentally remind myself that I have to clear the table for lunch etc. Although, we have eaten in amongst my notebooks and folders more than once before 😉


  2. The shapes and colors on the ironing board are pretty. I think something like that would be a distraction for me. Haha!

    Usually, I write while at a library or a bookstore, some place where there’s enough people to talk loudly and make noise (yes, even at the library I go to, it can get pretty loud). But I don’t see that as a bad thing. When I can block it all out, I know I’m in a groove. When I can’t, I can at least observe people and maybe get an idea for something.

    Thanks for sharing your space! 🙂


    1. I have to have a bit of background noise to write along to, usually a playlist. At the moment it is Keaton Henson 🙂 Observing people is like a sport for me. Sometimes they end up in my books… little do they know.

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