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A Passion for Pinterest

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*Images sourced from Pinterest

I am addicted to Pinterest. It is what it is. If I stray onto my Pinterest account I could be there for hours pinning anything that takes my fancy. I was pre-warned that Pinterest was addictive, but until I ventured into pin territory for myself I never realised just how addictive.

For anyone who is unsure about Pinterest, or the rare few who have never heard of it. Basically, Pinterest is an online inspiration board/ mood board- you ‘Pin’ your ‘Interest’…Pinterest! An account holder can add pins, create boards, and pin relevant pins to that board. For example: I have a board named Novel Writing and Inspiration. I pin any pins that inspire my writing or offer a useful tip to that board, so I can refer back to it at a later date.

Here is one of my Novel Writing and Inspiration pins:


This particular pin gave me a little chuckle, hence why it ended up on my board.

What you pin is down to the individual. Board ideas are endless- recipes, fashion, bucket lists. There is even a ‘secret board’ option to pin any pins that you want to keep private. This option is great for potential gift ideas, especially if your recipient is one of your followers.

Yes, you acquire followers; people who are interested in your boards and share the same passions as you. You can also follow people for the same reason. Anytime that person pins something it will appear on your Pinterest home page.

Pinterest can be used as another form of social media, helping you to connect with other people who share your interests. When it comes to writing I find it invaluable. I can store pins that inspire me, and I have created a board solely for my eBook.

Readers can follow my board and see what inspired me on certain aspects of the book. You can even add your own pins i.e. a picture of your eBook with a link to your amazon page.

I would suggest that authors get a Pinterest account, but be warned…what feels like thirty minutes on Pinterest is three hours in the real world.

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6 thoughts on “A Passion for Pinterest”

  1. You’re on Pinterest! :O I need to add you (just as soon as I remember my login) You’re right, it’s very addictive! Somehow I’ve managed to stay awa from it mostly, and it always baffles me when people follow me on there because I’m not all that active, but that’s a precaution, you see! It’s hard to get away from it once you’ve started pinning!

    Also, it seems I’m doing this Dragon’s Loyalty Award thing and have nominated you 🙂 http://sarinalangerwriter.com/2015/07/16/7-random-facts-about-me/


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