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The Power of the Playlist

When it comes to my writing, my greatest source of inspiration is music, or should I say muse-ic.

When I write my first draft, and I do this only for the first draft, I create a playlist. I usually pick songs from a variety of genres to cover the variety of moods and feelings I expect from my novel. If I know I’m writing a particularly dark chapter I’ll choose a particularly dark song. Music helps set the tone.

Using music in the creative period of the first draft can also ignite ideas, storylines, character traits. Songs that hold sentiment for me are particularly helpful when drawing from my own experiences.

Certain lyrics shall always resonate. For example: Keaton Henson’s song, You, has exquisite lyrics.

‘If you must leave,
Leave as though fire burns under your feet.
If you must speak,
Speak every word as though it were unique.
If you must die, Sweetheart,
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part.
And if you must die,
Remember your life.’

If that’s doesn’t induce a tummy fizz, then I don’t know what will.

I listened to a lot of Keaton Henson’s songs whilst writing intimate, emotional scenes between characters in my novel, EVO Nation, and I hope that I was able to express myself clearly, and capture the essence of what I was trying to convey.

I can’t talk about the brilliance of Keaton Henson without sharing a link. Who knows, you may feel as inspired as I was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2fCcggNkTs

I’m always interested to hear from other authors about their own playlist choices…


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